As you may know, here at Unruley Articles we love to showcase handmade work from other people.

One of the ways we’ve found to do this is via Etsy’s Treasury feature.

What’s a Treasury, you ask? Well, to quote Etsy: “Treasury is Etsy’s ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery“. What does that mean?

Etsy is the online shop where we, and many thousands of other crafters, sell the stuff that we make (see the sidebar for a link to our Etsy store, if you haven’t already). The treasury feature is a great way for Etsy-members to produce a collection or portfolio of other people’s work that they really like. Each collection is organised around a theme: for example ‘The Painted Sea’ or simply ‘Grey Days’.

Actually, the best way to see what I mean is to go to Etsy’s Treasury page, and look for a theme that appeals to you.

So over the next few days I’ll be blogging about some of these amazing collections of art, crafts and miscellaneous stuff. (We’ve also been fortunate enough to be featured in a few collections by other people, so I might mention those as well.)

In the meantime, why not follow the link above and see if you can uncover hidden treasure?

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2 Responses to Treasury: for things that are Treasure-y

  1. […] As men­tioned yes­ter­day, this is part of a series high­light­ing Etsy works by other people, in the form of an Etsy ‘Treas­ury’. Don’t know what a Treas­ury is? Check my post here. […]

  2. […] A big part of the Silly Sale is encour­aging shop own­ers to net­work and col­lab­or­ate with each other. To get the word out to the masses, not just in the UK, but world­wide. This is a concept I ADORE. Word of mouth is a great way to gen­er­ate com­merce. And let’s face it, we all need a little (or a lot) of help in the com­merce depart­ment these days. Much of the net­work­ing is hap­pen­ing within the Etsy com­munity via Treas­ur­ies (Ben has blogged about Treas­ur­ies here). […]

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