My ador­able friend, Jasmine, is two years old. Everyone who meets her is instantly smit­ten with her clev­er mind and sweet spir­it. Jasmine’s mum has com­mis­sioned a brace­let and neck­lace spe­cific­ally made for a tiny girl who’s favour­ite col­our is blue.

This is what I was inspired to cre­ate:
Jasmine Love Blue

The brace­let is made of soft cord­ing cro­cheted into four strands with tiny round and heart shaped but­tons. It meas­ures 4.5 inches to fit her tiny 4 inch wrist, and comes with a one inch but­ton & loop attach­ment to lengthen the brace­let when she grows up big and strong.

Jasmine’s neck­lace is also made of soft cord­ing cro­cheted with plastic chan­delier crys­tals and vary­ing sizes and shades of blue but­tons. Safe for any two year old to wear, chew, and play with. It meas­ures 15 inches and can also be worn as a brace­let, wrapped sev­er­al times around her wrist.

Soon I will ship the lovely blue dit­ties off to the U.S. Hopefully her mum will take a pic­ture once they arrive, so we can see Jasmine in her blue but­ton jew­ellery. I hope she loves them even a frac­tion as much as we love her. <3

Happy Buttoning!

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2 Responses to Something Blue

  1. Cathy Jones-Foster says:

    The Blue Button Jewelry is Beautiful!
    Jasmine will love them and treas­urer them forever!

  2. Tawnia Mauro says:

    I showed Jasmine the pic­ture, and she said they were “pretty!” Can’t wait to see how they look on her! Thank you!

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