My adorable friend, Jasmine, is two years old. Everyone who meets her is instantly smitten with her clever mind and sweet spirit. Jasmine’s mum has commissioned a bracelet and necklace specifically made for a tiny girl who’s favourite colour is blue.

This is what I was inspired to create:
Jasmine Love Blue

The bracelet is made of soft cording crocheted into four strands with tiny round and heart shaped buttons. It measures 4.5 inches to fit her tiny 4 inch wrist, and comes with a one inch button & loop attachment to lengthen the bracelet when she grows up big and strong.

Jasmine’s necklace is also made of soft cording crocheted with plastic chandelier crystals and varying sizes and shades of blue buttons. Safe for any two year old to wear, chew, and play with. It measures 15 inches and can also be worn as a bracelet, wrapped several times around her wrist.

Soon I will ship the lovely blue ditties off to the U.S. Hopefully her mum will take a picture once they arrive, so we can see Jasmine in her blue button jewellery. I hope she loves them even a fraction as much as we love her. <3

Happy Buttoning!

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2 Responses to Something Blue

  1. Cathy Jones-Foster says:

    The Blue Button Jewelry is Beautiful!
    Jasmine will love them and treasurer them forever!

  2. Tawnia Mauro says:

    I showed Jasmine the picture, and she said they were “pretty!” Can’t wait to see how they look on her! Thank you!

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